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Antony Seppi

Hamilton Mill
Antony Seppi is an experienced leader in economic development and regional planning initiatives who is committed to leveraging the assets of rust belt communities in creative and innovative ways. As Co-Director of The Hamilton Mill business incubator and Program Director of the Pipeline H2O water-tech commercialization program, Antony is dedicated to continuing the legacy of manufacturing and entrepreneurship both in Hamilton and Southwest Ohio by acting as the connector and the doer. Antony serves as a mentor to new and existing businesses throughout the #startupcincy footprint and his goal is to ensure long-term viability and sustainability for businesses that participate in The Mill program. With a background primarily in the marketing of information technology and digital solutions, Antony’s experience covers a variety of verticals that include automotive, education, government, and financial industries. His experience in these verticals range from startup stage to Fortune 500. This unique blend of community and regional planning, business development, and marketing expertise offers a different perspective when developing a long term vision and strategy for communities. He is dedicated to an innovative, non-traditional approach to economic development that emphasizes small business ecosystem development, quality of life issues, and historical preservation as a means to attracting investment and opportunity to a community.