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Zach Vander Veen


Zach Vander Veen is the Co-Founder and VP of Instruction for Abre.io.  Zach’s role is to always maintain the voice-of-the-buyer in everything Abre does - since he was, up to very recently, the actual buyer.  He held the role of Technology Director at Hamilton City School District.  Before that he held other tech focused roles as well as being a social studies teacher.  Zach oversaw the development of the Abre open source project at Hamilton City Schools in order to take on the significant challenges of implementing 15,000 Chromebooks and the accompanying software for administrators, staff, students and parents.


His Abre responsibilities center around relating and translating the ever-changing needs of Schools and Educators into how Abre positions itself in the Edtech marketplace.  He influences how Abre sells and supports its customers as well as contributing to the overall product and business strategy. He is also responsible for Abre’s overall thought leadership strategy.